The Rhine. 1'233 km long. From Switzerland to the North Sea. Running through the entire city of Basel. Dividing it into two parts.

Changing its flowing direction here – from East-West to South-North.

People in Basel live very actively with the river. Walking along it, crossing it on 5 bridges or 3 ferries, swimming in it, chilling on the banks, fishing in it, cruising it, making music on it (on a raft), dining on it, ...

These pictures show the Rhine itself, as well as what's left and right of it. North and South, East and West.

Einsendung für das Film Shooters Collective-Buchprojekt 'NSEW' - Film-Fotografen zeigen ihren Teil der Welt. 2014.

(Nicht akzeptiert.)

Submission for Film Shooter's Collective book project, titled 'NSEW' - film photographers sharing their part of the world. 2014.

(Not accepted.)

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